Day 5 Morning

The unforgiving mind is full of fear, and offers love no room to be itself; no place where it can spread its wings in peace and soar above the turmoil of the world. The unforgiving mind is sad, without the hope of respite and release from pain. It suffer and abides in misery, peering about in the darkness, seeing not, yet certain of danger lurking there.

Today I let myself off the hook. I look upon my life’s experience with a loving eye. I forgive myself for all my fearful thoughts and actions. I know that when I let go of my anger and self- attack I will recalibrate my loving presence within. I forgive myself and clear space for loving guidance to set in. Today, self-forgiveness is my primary fiction. (Gabrielle Bernstein, May Cause Miracles,page 43-44)

I forgive myself for choosing fear. Today I choose love instead.

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