Day 4 Evening

It’s taking me longer than one-day to get through the steps but I am still on the path.

Today I thought about all the things I am grateful for and made a list of 10 of them.

  1. My son- my.little miracle of pure love and trouble making
  2. My life- for breathing and being here no matter how difficult.things can sometimes be.
  3. My family – the good and the bad
  4. My job- even not liking it at least it helps me provide for my little family.
  5. The roof over my head- not a dream home yet but it is home.
  6. My dogs – their unconditional love and mischievous minds
  7. My friends – for being there for me and helping me learn through life
  8. My body – imperfect but mine and one that makes miracles happen, gives me strength to go on every day
  9. My mind- that always finds a light in the darkest tunnel
  10. My car – old but trustworthy for taking me places I need and want to go
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