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Is it bad that I dream of being a house wife?

Don’t get me wrong. I am a feminist who believes woman can do as much as man do.. I am just tired of being a single mom and the circus of everything.

Is it bad that I just dream of finding a man who would let me be a stay at home mom that takes care of kids, home, dinner, garden and works a bit from home while finishing her degree. I want to be close to home and my child or children if God and universe permits for me to have more babies. I am tired of being everything and every time, everywhere. We woman are still expected to be super humans and it takes a huge toll on us.. From self esteem to weight gain we loose ourselves in everyday struggles. Dating isn’t easy either. First find a Trustworthy baby sitter and then a good man that wants you for who you are, and not a man who needs you to work for him and to treat him like your next child.. and to whom you come home with expectation to make dinner, serve and entertainment, and be all happy about it.

There is more and more men who expect us to be the whole circus show! Where are men who love us for who we are and let us just be there.. Don’t forget the expectations of being pretty, slender and smart enough to provide but stupid enough to agree to everything..

I honestly miss the 18th and 19th centuries were we woman even without full rights were being respected more. We made beautiful homes and were loved without expectations.. What happened to our male population?

It’s easy to find a one night stand but impossible to find a soul mate.. How can we proceed?

Good man welcome to apply and comment.. Maybe just maybe there is a hope for us people still..

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