Marriage of convenience?

img_2610Almost every little girl at some point in her life dreams about a big wedding with lots of fancy decorations and that gorgeous white dress. Almost every single woman hopes for a partner in crime, a man she can relax and be herself with.

Unluckily life is not a fairy tale you can read about in books. Some of us woman wake up every day wondering how they going to take another step and survive what life has to offer for us.

So here I am wondering how did I end up in a marriage of convenience and not even one that is benefiting me. I got tricked into marrying a guy who promised me a better life for all of us, who made my son feel comfortable around him and be excited whenever he came over. I let us rush into the marriage seeing my son being happy and craving the time and attention he got from my future husband. Maybe I should have waited a few more months, but well I didn’t.

We got married on July 13th, 2019 in a little ceremony with friends and family followed by a nice dinner in a restaurant. We haven’t been alone till the night after when we went to his home in Chicago and while getting intimate I got a surprise of a lifetime. My husband’s ex came inside the house and made a scene asking why in her house and in her bed. She left me speechless while he just went to bed. Next day I found out she still really lives there because he had no heart to throw her out after she helped him in the past and with immigration too. Yes, my husband had issues with immigration as he owns a business while not being legally a Us resident, and the marriage with me was one of the perks that helped him. We talked and he said he will take care of everything and rent the house there for now as he was supposed to live with me, hence our house hunting. Forward a few weeks later and my husband is nowhere to be found. Well, I know where he is and it is definitely not here with my son and me. After the Chicago event and dealing with lawyers and immigration my husband decided to continue his relationship with the other woman. He started coming home for a few hours here and there when I am not home, just to show his face to the neighbors. So I asked him to come home and at least to talk. There were always excuses of work, broken car, emergency in Chicago and he didn’t make it over. Two months of marriage past and I filed for an annulment. He is still with his ex and lives with her in that home in Chicago. She is not allowing him to come home to me if he wants to be with her, as I heard, and as it looks like it. I also have no help with bills and life here. I stopped looking for a bigger house and just packed his stuff. When he finally arrived for a few minutes only as he was rushing for business reasons, he was served the papers. Yup, he was surprised and angry. Seriously what did he expect? I am not a free ticket to freedom. My son and I come first. We have to make a living and move forward. I am a mother and will not teach my son how to disrespect a woman. I will never let a man disrespect me. My soon to be ex-husband did not keep one single promise he made me. This was his choice. His and hers who also is illegally here. Good luck to them both and hopefully this nightmare will end soon.  This marriage of convenience wasn’t my choice. I deserve better. I am not a bad person and should not be having such bad luck in life. Why did you think it’s ok to use me? Thank you for the eye-opener.

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