Day 1 Evening

Evening exercise

Reflect on:

    What experiences triggered my fear?
    What thoughts triggered my fear?
    What are the feelings that come over me when I am in fear?
    How does my fear affect my behavior?

My fears are triggered by situations at work, conversations with people and family. Self-doubt triggers my fears when I’m in fear I feel panic, I feel scared and little. The fear causes me to hide, run away and avoid people and places.

I am willing to witness my fear, I am proud of myself for doing this work.

My fears

1. Being a failure. Whatever I touch crumbles. Whatever I start I can not finish.

2. What others think about me. I don’t want to be perceived as a stupid one, as the one who can’t survive on her own, as the one who can not achieve anything.

3. I am afraid of change. Change is scary and the outcome is unknown. Old is familiar and safe.

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