To move or not too move…?

Since January this 2019 year we have been sick 5 times and its just April 1st! Obviously winter weather is not agreeing with me and my son. He gets the germs and school and brings them home and then whala i get it, and he also tends to pass it to grandma and grandpa too. So i was thinking maybe we should move to another state! maybe i should simply, when my lease is over and Adam is out of school, next summer of 2020 start new life fresh in a warmer state. It will give me little over the year to find a place, home, job, school and autism program for Adam. And i started my research. St. Augustine in Florida looks really good. Houses are half the price of Michigan houses, school district sounds very good and autism friendly with catholic faith base and we are catholics. It’s close to the Ocean and is a warmer state.

Hmm… now..

  • do i have the guts to make that move?
  • what other place should i consider?
  • what should i expect?
  • is starting over as scary as it sounds?
  • is it worth it?

Ugh, i don’t know and i am scared of that decision… There is nothing really holding me here in Michigan and i am tired of the winter sicknesses and freezing weather. What if this is the best decision i can ever make and only good is awaiting us. i am open to suggestions so talk to me my friends. Move or stay? Stay or move? what should it be…


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