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Time flies… things happen.. life goes on..

Adam got released from the hospital last Friday on June 29th. I didn’t think he was ready yet but the doctors insisted. We got home late that day with two weeks of antibiotics and 5 bottles of pain killer. And it started with enjoying the time home. Cleaning up the messes and figuring out what to cook so Adam can eat. I took off work till the 6th of July so I can provide the best care for my child. Adam still has diarrhea and occasional vomit. He wants to eat everything and he does too much. We have argument in every 8 hours which he hates but takes it. And I try to spread out the pain killers. When I see he is in pain – walking hunched forward and waddling I know it’s time for pain meds. Unluckily Adam has a very high pain tolerance just like me, yay for genes right?.. and he is afraid of going back to hospital so he won’t tell me when he hurts.. First two days home I stayed on every 4 hour schedule with pain meds but after 4th day I tried to avoid keeping him on that strict schedule. At some point will have to get off those meds.

On Monday July the 2nd we had a doctor visit. Adam doesn’t look too good at least to me. He lost over 3 kg and is way too skinny in my opinion. My mother was joking that when we go an where people look at us and think that I don’t feed him just eat everything myself. Yup I’m a bigger girl but that’s not the case. My son has more than enough food and I make sure he eats well. He has a skinny and tall shape after his great grandfather Edward. At least I think it’s the case. He can eat like a grown man and still look lean. I’m a little jealous of that gene lol. But fact is a fact. He lost weight. Doctor wasn’t too concerned over it just did a follow up appointment . Adam is healing well. We added probiotics to his diet -Culturelle for kids in packets, he won’t eat chewable tablets so I add the powder to his milk daily and he has no idea that he even gets it. We tried pediasure too but for now this is no go. Will see in a bit if his health improves and if he gains some weight back.

Adam was very happy to be back home and play with his dog Odie. He was missing him terribly in hospital. We had to FaceTime with Odie couple tones with my brothers help. Right now they are sleeping together on a couch.

4th of July came and went. Happy Independence Day United States od America and all the people of Usa . We had mom and Henryk over and my brother grilled some chicken kebabs, steaks and polish sausage. Adam ate peeled and broken into pieces by me meet, potatoes and a bit of salad.  After dinner clean up and we went to bed at 7 pm. It was very hot outside and the heat forced us inside and made us feel tired. Still we had fun with family and friends company .

Today is an easy day of cleaning, resting, playing and getting ready for tomorrow. I have to go to work finally.

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