“I love you this much Mama.”

July 3rd 2018 in the morning my son came to me. He looked into my eyes , kissed my nose and hugged me very, very hard and said “I love you this much Mama”.

You might not understand that but this is s first time ever my son said that he loves me. Adam has autism and although he is highly functioning he never ever told me that he loves me. He was forced by his therapists to say I love you to me but there was no eye contact or understanding what it means.

First time ever he said it all by himself and truly from his heart! I felt it and tears came up into my eyes. He is my world and I always make sure he knows that I love him and be there for him no matter what and him telling me that he loves me with a meaning, was just awesome.. 0DE1822C-C4BF-4DCC-8123-10AEAD70573B


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