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It’s been a long week for me and my little guy. As I sit here on the hospital couch next to my son’s hospital bed I think about all the moms, and parents out there that are in similar situation, sitting, worrying and hoping for the best outcome. My son started with a tummy ache but ended up with raptured appendix. We’ve been in a hospital for over a week already and I have to tell you I am very disappointed in how the doctors handled my sons health problem. From day one Adam was showing signs of appendicitis. But nothing was done about it. Instead he was treated for viral infection with fluids until 3 days later I had to step in and not beg anymore but yell and threaten and sign documents so they would do surgery for my own responsibility. Thank God they finally did it because his appendix already raptured. Recovery is long.. the pain of my child and my own heartache can’t even be explain . I am eternally grateful that my baby is finally felling better. Yes I’m bored to the bone being stuck here 24/7 but I’m really glad my son is making progress! His good humor is coming back too and he already managed to embarrass me in front of the nurses by saying: “Mama is stinky. Mama needs a shower” !

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